Our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes with high quality technology.

We’re starting by helping clinicians build
consumer-grade apps faster, better, and cheaper.

The leading Clinical Data Collection Platform

Mobile device showing the interface for STAMP

Data collection

A powerful, user-friendly data collection app is yours to configure based on your needs, making remote data collection easy.

Study administration

The clinician-facing dashboard is at the core of your study - giving you the tools to manage access, data, and more.

Compliant infrastructure

Everything is built to meet the exacting standards of InfoSec teams at top academic medical centers.

Rooted in healthcare and technology

Built by a team native to both healthcare and technology, with years of experience working with the nation's top health systems to improve clinical research and outcomes.

Dan Tatar
Founder and CEO
Brian Mullen
Sr. Digital Health Innovation Strategist
Chris baker
Chief Strategy Officer
Jon Clark
Chief Technology Officer

Where technology meets healthcare

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